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    T-Berd 8000 Tester Mainframe ONLY
    List Price*:
    . The T-BERD 8000 is a field-scalable optical test platform for both installation and maintenance. Based on the rich T-BERD heritage, the T-BERD 8000 is the industry's most innovative and cost-effective test solution for metro networks...

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    Specifications (PDF, 0.74 MB)

    Price: $1,490 - $5,180 (based on the package selected)

    Future-proof test instruments for today's newest applications

    With over 20 years of experience and 70,000 units in the field, Acterna continues to set industry standards for optical handheld instruments. Acterna offers future-proof optical handheld instruments that are ready for the industry’s newest applications including FTTx, CWDM, DWDM, 40 Gbps, Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet.

    JDSU's optical handheld family of test instruments includes a complete line of optical power meters, optical level attenuators, laser sources, test kits, loss test sets, return loss meters, and accessories for every field application for fiber optic networks.


  • Optical Power Meters - A complete line of optical power meters for every application.

  •      - Pocket-Sized Optical Power Meters (compact) including the OLP-5, OLP-6, and OLP-8.
         - SMART Optical Power Meters (high-performance) including the OLP-55 and OLP-57.
         - Premium Optical Handheld Instruments (combined) including the OFI-2000.

  • Optical Laser Sources - A complete line of optical laser sources for every application.

  •      - Pocket-Sized Optical Laser Sources (compact) including the OLS-5 and OLS-6.
         - SMART Optical Laser Sources (high-performance) including the OLS-55 and OLS-56.
         - Premium Optical Handheld Instruments (combined) including the OFI-2000.

  • Optical Level Attenuators - A complete line of optical level attenuators for every application.

  •      - SMART Optical Level Attenuators (high-performance) including the OLA-54 and OLA-55.
         - SMART Motorized Optical Level Attenuator (high-performance) including the OLA-55M.
         - Premium Optical Handheld Instruments (combined) including the OFI-2000.

  • Optical Test Kits - A complete line of optical test kits for every application.

  •      - Pocket-Sized Optical Test Kits (compact) including the OMK-5, OMK-6, and OMK-7.
         - SMART Optical Test Kits (high-performance) including the OMK-55.

  • Optical Accessories - A complete line of accessories including cases, bags, power supplies, adapters,
         cables, complementary software, visual fault locators, fiber identifiers, cleaning kits, and fiber
         inspection microscopes.

  • Datasheets
    Fiber Optic Test Adapters and Cables (0.20 MB)
    OLA-54/55 SMART Optical Level Attenuators (0.63 MB)
    OLC-65 Optical Level Controller (0.17 MB)
    OLP-5-6-8 Pocket-Sized Optical Power Meter (0.37 MB)
    OLP-55 SMART Optical Power Meter (2.28 MB)
    OLP-57 SMART FTTx/PON Selective Optical Power Meter (3.09 MB)
    OLS-5-6 Pocket sized Optical Light Source (0.17 MB)
    OLT-55 SMART Optical Loss Test Set (0.79 MB)
    OMK-5-6-7 Pocket-Sized Optical Test Kits (0.36 MB)
    OMK-55 SMART Optical Test Kit (1.11 MB)
    ORL-55 SMART Optical Return Loss Meter (0.66 MB)
    OTS-55 SMART Optical Talk-Set (0.54 MB)

    Sell Sheet
    Optical Level Controller OLC-65 (0.15 MB)
    SMART Optical Handhelds (0.54 MB)
    Triple Up Special Offer - OLT-55 (0.40 MB)
    Triple Up Special Offer - ORL-55 (0.37 MB)

    Optical Handheld Testers Brochure (1.71 MB)
    SmartClass Family Selection Guide (0.96 MB)

    Application Notes
    Fiber Characterization Test Equipment (0.23 MB)

    Featured Products

    List Price*:
    . INSPECTION AND CLEANING KIT - 400X FBE W/HD3-P4 DISPLAY FBE-SM5-C includes an FBE series 400X Probe Microscope with an integrated HD3-P4 display (includes a power supply/charger with US plug). Also included are 2 FBET series inspection tips (SC & LC) for bulkhead inspection and 2 FMAE adapters (Univ...

    **JDSU Fiber Inspection & Test Kit**
    List Price*:
    . From next-generation network installation to managing legacy systems, there are fundamental tools that every fiber optic technician uses. From optical power meters and visual fault locators to video microscope systems and cleaning materials, these tools are essential to anyone who handles fiber...

    Fiber Essentials Tool Kit FIT-S205-PRO
    List Price*:
    . . ...

    OLS-55 SmartClass LS, FTTx, SM (PC)
    List Price*:
    . A complete line of SMART, future-proof optical laser sources to suit every application The OLS-55 and OLS-56 SMART Optical Laser Sources are designed to suit every application from PON to Gigabit Ethernet. These handheld light sources offer the flexibility to test, install, and maintain singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks...

    T-BERD 6000 Multimode OTDR (Basic
    List Price*:
    . . ...

    **JDSU T-BERD-4000 Handheld OTDR**
    List Price*:
    . T-BERD 4000: An all-in-one FTTx test solution for rapid installation and maintenance of fiber networks. The T-BERD 4000 is a highly integrated platform that features two module slots, a large 7-inch color screen (with a touchscreen option), a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery, an optional video inspection scope (through universal serial bus [USB] port), and optional built-in optical test functions, such as a visual fault locator (VFL), power meter, and optional WiFi/Bluetooth interface...